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Layaway Payments. You see a geode you like, but can't afford it right now, we can set up a payment process (layaway). When the total purchase price is paid in full, I'll send you your geode. Please contact me if interested. My Contact Information



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Quartz Geodes  Red Quartz Geodes  Chalcedony Geodes  Calcite Geodes


Dewdrop Geodes  Iridescent Brown Calcite Geodes  Big Keokuk Geodes  Hydro Geodes


Red Rind Geodes  Mineralized Geodes  Smokey Quartz Geodes  Pyrite Geodes


Citrine Geodes   NEW --> Geode Variety Specials!! <-- NEW


Snowball Geodes      Crack-Your-Own Geodes (Unopened Kits)        White Rind Geodes




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**Prices include plastic display stands

**All purchases over $100.00 will be insured. This is to protect you as a buyer and me as a seller so no problems arise if your item is damaged in transit.

**All sales are final unless I send you the wrong item(s). 

**Your items will ship within 3 business days of payment received. If you need your items by a certain day, please let me know during the checkout process. If your purchase is received on or near a national holiday, please allow extra time for shipping due to the post offices being closed.



Thanks again for your purchase and support!