Types of Keokuk Geodes 


Definitions: What does that mean?

Barrel : cylindrical container, ex: battery

Botryoidal : shaped like a bunch of grapes, ex: smooth lava

Capillary : resembling a hair, ex: eyelash

Cubic : equal sided square, ex: pair of dice

Drusy :  wall lined with crystalline euhedra, ex: frozen dew on a leaf

Euhedral : composed of tiny crystals, without an exposed crystal face, ex: an onion skin

Ferroan : rich in iron, ex: rusty car fender

Filiform : hail-like, similar to capillary, but with multiple growth angles, ex: tree branch

Iridescent :  hue changes according to the angle from which the surface is viewed, ex: oil on the road after a rain

Pagoda : a tiered tower with multiple eaves, ex: Asian or Chinese hut

Reticulated : to form a net or network, ex: TV antenna on your roof

Rhombohedron (Rhomb) :   a square that has been deformed in only one direction, ex: partially squashed box

Scalenohedral : resembling the shape of a dog's tooth, ex: a dogs open mouth


  Picture with type below.

  type - 071

Solid Geode with exterior covered with Iron Pyrite

type - 073

Crystal Clear Selenite on Brown Calcite

type - 075

Sphalerite on Quartz

type - 081 

Iridescent Brown Calcite

type - 077

Pagoda Calcite  Close-Up #2

type - 079

Goethite on Quartz

type - 069

Smokey Quartz Snowball (Best one I've seen)

More Close-Ups: 2 - 3 - 4

Red Quartz

Red Quartz Geode

Pink Dogtooth

Pink Dogtooth Calcite

Phantom Calcites on Drusy Quartz 

Phantom Calcites on Drusy Quartz  Close-up #2


 Blue Barite Rosette on Botryoidal Chalcedony

Aragonite needles on Euhedral Chalcedony 

Chalcopyrite - s

Chalcopyrite on Quartz

Kaolinite after Calcite 


 Marcasite (reticulated)

Yellow Barite - s

Yellow Barite on Quartz


Malachite (small green crystals), Close-up #2

*The above photo/specimen is from the collection of Ken Vaisvil. Thank you.


Capillary pyrite (very fragile) Close-up #2


Barrel Calcite   


Pink Calcite on chalcedony 


Drusy Quartz


Citrine Quartz




Smokey Diamond Dewdrop


Oil Geode


Diamond Dewdrop


Quartz geode (simple, yet pretty)


Really big geode, 90+ pounds

Pyrite - s

Pyrite cubes on quartz


Ferroan Dolomite (ankerite) on quartz


Kaolin or Kaoline (white powder)


Infused capillary hematite (growing in and through the calcite crystals) similar phenomenon to rutilated quartz


Onion skin, pale coating (euhedral chalcedony covering the quartz)


Aragonite (fluorescent under short and long wave UV light) Sorry for the blurry close-up.


More coming soon . . . 

 Black Calcite (a.k.a "Kahoka Black" very rare, hunting in progress)