Scenic Geodes

Sometimes we open geodes and we are welcomed not only by crystals, but with pictures, scenes, and/or shapes. I'll keep adding to these as we find them. Enjoy !

smile-s.JPG smile-as.JPG smile-bs.JPG

This geode felt pretty solid, so I cut and polished it instead of cracking it. I usually toss the heavier geodes aside, but something told me to keep this one. As you can see, this rock was happy to get out of the river and see the light of day.


Margo and Roger

 Margo and Roger

Surprise ! ! ! Happy Birthday, Kerry. We hope you liked your gift and we had great time visiting.



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I traveled to Tama for a day with the 1st Chapter of Iowa Dowsers. We had some good food, great conversation and lots of fun cracking geodes. I also tried dowsing for the first time, I found a frog, but I was looking for oil. Hey, at least I found something on my first try. I can't wait to put the art to use, and help me find the illusive "Red Quartz Geodes". Thank you to Ivy and all who attended.



 IMGA2198-s.JPG IMGA2194-s.JPG IMGA2199-s.JPG

Pearsons had an educational outing at the Johnson County Conservation Center in Kent park. This is a wonderful facility. This group of co-workers had a blast picking and opening their very own geodes. The event was sponsered by Ron. He got them out of their cubicles for a fun Friday. Thank you to all who attended.


JandB-1s.JPG JandB-2s

Joan and Barb stopped by to try their hand at cracking their own geodes. A comment was made, "I'm in Heaven". I thought, "No, it's Iowa's State Rock". They had a great time and they added these two huge geode pairs to their collections. A great pair of rockhounds, one lifetime and one just starting. Thank you and hope to see you again.


Kalona-s.jpg Kalona-2s.jpg Kalona-1s.jpg

Cary's birthday party at his school. Great group of kids and they loved their geodes. Happy Birthday CARY ! !



Terry came down on his birthday and added some beautiful geodes to his collection. Thanks again.




A Valentine's Day gift for Logan, boy was it nice.


More happy customers coming soon . . .


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