Pyrite Geodes

(Golden Pyrite, Capillary Pyrite, Iridescent Pyrite and/or other pyrite habits and colors) 



FCG-1003 (NEW)

Capillary - a Capillary - b Capillary - c Capillary - e Capillary - f Capillary - g Capillary - h Capillary - i

Capillary Pyrite and Goethite on Quartz!! This geode is a wonderful site, especially with a hand lense or magnified viewing. It is loaded with things to see in both halves. The pair measures 4 inches. $35.00/pair




301 - a 301 - b 301 - c 301 - d  301 - e 301 - f 301 - g

Pyrite and Ferroan Dolomite!!! This geode hosts well-formed pyrite cubes and tan/brown ferroan dolomite crystals on gemmy blue-grey quartz. The pair measures 2 inches by 1.5 inches. $25.00/pair




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Pyrite Geodes from the Keokuk Area